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The University of Chester and NoWFOOD

Posted: 16/08/2015

Rawchi Lifestyle is delighted to have worked together this year with The University of Chester and NoWFOOD in research and development of our Rawchi Lifestyle Blends and Superfoods ranges.

NoWFOOD provides a centre of excellence for food science and technology for producers across the region and there resources has allowed us to gain the science behind what we knew to be true, that RawChi lifestyle blends offer superfoods, dense nutrition.

Our flagship blend Vitality and Longevity are our shinning winners in offering the most slow releasing proteins. Our finds can be found next to the products in the shop section of this website.

We are looking forward to continue our working relationship with them in 2016 and exploring deeper into the high impact nutrition RawChi products have to offer.

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