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10 reasons why eating raw chocolate improves your health

Posted: 06/11/2015

Next time someone tells you chocolate is bad you’ll be able to give them ten reasons why Raw Chocolate is good for you

For instance did you know that pure chocolate contains fabulous esoteric properties and this is likely why for centuries it has been linked to having strong aphrodisiac effects.

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Date Paste (Sugar Alternative)

Posted: 30/10/2015

This is a fabulous alternative to sugar and doesn’t push your blood sugar levels up, so it’s perfect for diabetics. It also contains fewer calories than sugar so for me is a firm favourite when sweetening smoothies, raw cookies, breakfast cereal, I even add it to my raw ice creams.

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Growing Gluten intolerance

Posted: 15/10/2015

With so many more people announcing they have a gluten-intolerance without ever being tested, I thought it time I share my findings with people who come on my courses. You can’t go in a supermarket these days without seeing the gluten free isle and the thing that concerns me is how people see the gluten free sticker and immediately think healthier option.... well read on!

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Alkaline your body

Posted: 08/10/2015

When your body is acidic it can lead to pain, excess weight and in some cases the more acid your blood the increased risk of chronic disease.

By being alkaline, you can increase energy, improve digestion and build a strong immune system.

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*The statements made relating to foods and in particular superfoods are made from Renee's personal studies into the healing effects specific foods can have on the body and guidance from respected leaders in the field of healing with whole foods. None of the claims, products, or programs from this site have been evaluated by a government health body. The advice given is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease OR act as a substitute for a face to face consultation with a qualified medical doctor and as such, should not be construed as medical advice. Should you have any persistent symptoms or problems, please consult your doctor.


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